About Us

Chisel-it Ice was created in 1998 by Robert Chislett, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, class of 1991. After years in the kitchen working as a chef, Bob’s passion for the art of ice sculpting drove him to open his own business. Since then, Chisel-It Ice has grown into the Bay Area’s premier ice sculpting company thanks to its team of talented and dedicated individuals.

Robert Chislett, Bay Area ice sculptor

Robert Chislett

Robert is the owner and sole proprietor of Chisel-it Ice. After a final stint in the kitchen as part of the opening team at Ruby Hill Country Club, Bob knew it was time for a change. Shortly thereafter the ice studio opened its doors and the Chisel-it era began.

Ice sculptor at work

Andrew Martin

Andrew is our chief programmer and shop manager. In short, he does it all from the office to the freezer. Every single ice sculpture that leaves our studio bears Andy's handy work to at least some degree. We don't know where we'd be without him.

San Fran Ice Sculptor

Jason Adams

Jason is our sales and marketing aficionado. Just about every e-mail and phone call goes through him. He is also our lead concept designer. Quite a few of the finished pieces we’ve sent out began as something he sketched on paper.

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